You can not only record a macro, but write your own macro if you now a little bit of VB.

Here’s an example of how to write your own macro in MSWORD.

Suppose you want the date to be in a format not provided by the word in the "Insert" menu's date and time option, e.g. Then you could just write a small piece of VB code for this. Just create a new macro and name ot “currentdate” then choose to edit it. The VB editor opens with follwing code.

Sub currentdate()


' currentdate Macro

' Macro recorded 02/09/01 by Amir Kamerkar

End Sub

This is nothing but the empty macro you just created now add the piece of code as shown below.

Sub date2()


' date2 Macro

' Macro recorded 02/09/01 by Kamerkar

Dim MyDate

MyDate = Format(Date, "")

Selection.TypeText Text:=MyDate

End Sub

The macro is ready for use.

You can change the format of the date by changing the above code.