Almost all of the microsoft products allow the users to add their own macros. These macros are nothing but small programs written using VBscrpit. The tasks which are to be done repeatedly can be recorded as a macro and this macro can be executed to perform those tasks. You just have to perform those steps once and record them as macros.

e.g. Suppose you are writing a document which requires a few sentences to be in red colour . Then you just have to perform the procedure once and record it.

What you have to do is:

1) Go to the end of the line which is to be coloured.

2)go to Tools->Macro->Record New Macro

A “Record Macro” dialog appears.

3) Give some suitable name to the macro.

4) Now click on Keyboard button of the dilaog box and assign a short-cut key for the macro. (usually you can assign ctrl+ NUM PAD keys, as they are not assigned to any other shortcuts).

You can also add the macro shortcut to toolbar.

5) Now when you click OK on the “Record Macro” dialog a small window with Stop and Pause buttons appears. Now what ever actions you perform will be recorded on a macro.

As we want to colour a particualr line and our cursor is at end of that line, select the whole line using “shift + home”, now go to the Font Color menu and change the color as required. Now again go to the end of that line and switch the colour back to the previous one (this is required so that the next line is written in original colour only.).

6) Now press stop button on the “stop recording” window.

All the actions you have done till now are recorded in the macro and will be performed back when ever the macro is executed.

The macro is ready to be used.

Now just go to end of any line, and press the short cut keys that was assigned to the macro. That particualr line will be coloured.