The doxygen tool generates the documntation of your in HTML format. The classes, files are listed separately. A list of all the functions is generated. Also the documentation contains information like which function is refered from which other fucntoins, the inheritance diagrams etc. If you write the comments for the functions in a specific format those comments are included in the documentation generated. ( for example of the docuemntation generated for our project please visit http://vayu/~szref/ )

A configuration file is required for the generating the documentation in which you need to specify a few parameters. The comfiguration file and the procedure to generate the docuemntation is present in “SCG PhaseII/Development/Project Documents/References/Doxygen Documentation.”

With proper settings in the configuration file the docuemntation can be generated in PDF format also.

Aditional features:

· Include dependency graph:

For generating the include dependancy graph the option



· Doxygen can be used to generate input for generation of .chm files (Microsoft-style Help) by setting the "GENERATE_HTMLHELP" option to "YES". This should be used as input for Microsoft HTML Help Workshop. This will provide the documentation in the standard microsoft help format.

The advantage of this help fornat is that, only the help file generated needs to be

ported and not all the html pages generated. It is also observed that the help file

generated is highly compressed reducing the size of documentation. The doxygen tool can be used to generate the doxygen documentation of the code. As this documentation is in the html format, it is very useful for study of the code.